CaptureThe Celsius temperature measurement instruments require verification as part of day to day operations. This is to ensure that the instrument’s calibration is valid.


The verification kit (C-Verikit) is the recommended tool to perform this task and comes with full manufacturer’s warranty, service and support.


C-Verikit is a complete turnkey solution that is easy to use and  prevents the use of open liquid containers that are prone to spillage and other logistical complications. It consists of sealed  liquid containers and a calibrated temperature probe and indicator.


The C-Verikit liquid containers are normally placed in a temperature controlled environments and left to acclimatise (Typically 12 hours). This temperature is normally within the customer’s acceptance range for the measured produce.


Agreement between the probe temperature and Celsius instruments within 0.5 °C constitutes a pass. In case of verification failure, the user needs to check door seal, check cavity and contact a Celsius Instruments service engineer if necessary.





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