C DASSThe Celsius Data Analysis System (C-DASS) system is a valuable tool used to analyse data recorded by Celsius-Instruments  devices. C-DASS provides electronic traceability to product data, operator identification and production times; eliminating paper trails and potential issues caused though human error.



In addition, the use of a barcode reader attached to the Celsius instrument provides seamless data input and selection. This is important for meeting conformance as part of an HACCP programme.



The C-DASS solution includes complete hardware and software platforms thus removing the need to install host software components and SQL databases on the customer’s servers.



The software communicates directly with the Celsius Instrument’s SQL database and by using the search fields in the User interface the user can easily extract and query a range of properties from product names to staff members and date ranges. This information can then be displayed as a data table or a graph, and can be exported into a range of formats and reports.





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