Celsius Instruments

Celsius Celsius 1Instruments offer a non-invasive thermometry system to measure the average temperature of  items such as frozen and chilled food-stuff.
It can measure two main types of food production:
  • Chilled products
  • Frozen products
Any item can be measured between -30°C to +30°C.
Options including bar-code reader and light beacon are available.

All food and, in fact all materials, naturally emit a background level of electromagnetic radiation.



These emissions are incredibly small, typically less than 1 nanoWatt (your mobile phone emits 1 million times more energy).


Using the Faraday cage principle, an antenna detects the radio energy from samples placed within the device.


The energy is then converted using complex amplifiers and algorithms to convert the energy into a temperature value.


Calibration verification can be carried out using a defined process for traceability purposes.