Following our experience in trying to specify the correct construction parameters and HVAC/conditioning system for a lab that complies with ISO 3402 we had a major revelation.


This is incredibly difficult because it is expensive to do it well.


The ideal lab has specially insulated walls and ceilings, no windows and possibly a pressurized air plenum in the ceiling to generate the gentle non-turbulent airflow required especially for smoke laboratories.


Through our laboratory consultancy work we have developed a relationship with a specialist company, Parameter Generation Control in North Carolina, USA who has supplied HVAC/conditioning systems for several smoking laboratories and also supplies Pharma with stability chambers.


Together we are now able to offer a brilliant solution. Instead of just supplying a smoking machine or test station we can now offer “lab in a box”.


This comprises a pre-fabricated all-enclosed room containing the insulation and HVAC/conditioning system with the pressurized air plenum that ensures compliance with ISO 3402 together with the smoking machine, test station or other laboratory equipment required.


The entire ‘solution’ is available to be procured, installed and supported as a complete package. The “lab in a box” can simply be installed almost anywhere inside an existing laboratory, on a factory floor or in a warehouse, in fact almost anywhere that the customer has space available



Model 9264-5130 400-800 CFM Conditioner


  • Single point temperature control constancy of ±0.2°C
  • Single point temperature control constancy of ±0.5% RH
  • Air-cooled internal refrigeration system
  • Digital, high grade, thin-film, temperature compensated temperature and Rh sensor/transmitter
  • PGC SmartPad controller package:
    • Steady-state or multi-segment programmable capability
    • Non-volatile program, set point and PID storage
    • RS-232 serial interface
    • SmartLog, Windows-based, software package for remote user interface
    • Alarm capability
    • Safety devices including over-temperature safety switch, high and low refrigeration pressure switch and low water cut-off
    • Total heat gain within the chamber (including lights, people, transmission gains, etc.) must not exceed 4,500 BTU/hr. The system’s ability to handle internal load decreases as control temperature is reduced and/or relative humidity is increased
    • 208/230V, 1-phase, 50Hz electric service


 Room and Distribution System


  • Self-closing door with 14" x 14" frame window and keyed with safety latch
  • Room equipped with perforated stainless panels to provide uniform ceiling supply with two low return ducts behind smoking machine
  • Internal LED lighting
  • 2 x 2 double pane window in one wall (location to be determined)
  • Room panels shall be constructed of 4-inch foamed-in-place urethane insulation for the walls and ceiling
  • Exterior finish and Interior finish is white epoxy over galvanized steel


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