Burghart Equipment Now Available Through Cerulean


Cerulean are delighted to announce that they are working with Burghart Messtechnik to supply a range of established test equipment to the Global Tobacco industry.


Burghart All







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Cerulean has added to the functionality of the SPS100 single port smoking machine by releasing a side-stream kit.


The side-stream allows capture of the smoke released from the product during smoking regimes. With the capability to capture the whole smoke and side-stream smoke, the SPS100 allows multiple capture analysis capabilities.


Don't for get that the SPS100 also has the Hoffmann impinger accessories allowing liquid capture of whole smoke too. With optical termination, set-up and smoking is easy and reliable.


Front View


Fishtail -Connection



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Cerulean can now offer a number of upgrades to their successful CETI8 e-cigarette testing device.


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CETI8 Upgrades




Cerulean have added another instrument to it's electronic cigarette testing range. The ECT100 is a single channel testing device to test pressure drop, LED activation and vapour produced during vaping. Take a look at our dedicated e-cigarette testing equipment here: